About The Water Caddy

We are the die hard walking golfers who plan their entire week around that coveted Saturday morning tee time. We wake up in the morning energized, thinking today might be the round we really put it all together. Constantly looking for ways to improve, we'll stop at nothing to get a little better. 

With rounds becoming increasingly long, golf can quickly turn into an endurance sport. Question: have you ever walked a golf course only to discover there wasn't water in the cooler on the 6th tee? What about spending way too much at the turn for a refreshment? Yep, me too.

The Water Caddy was designed with you in mind. When we are lucky enough to be playing the game we love, the last thing we want to do is worry about water (or your personal drink of choice). We want to gain energy throughout the round, not lose it

Created to fit any golf bag, The Water Caddy is a cost effective, easy to assemble, reusable add on, that puts the oasis inches away from your mouth as you stroll down the fairway. In between shots, take a sip, find you inner chi, and get ready to hit another good one. 

The Water Caddy is able to keep it's contents cold for up to 5 hours, allowing you to focus on what really matters---beating your buddies just like you said you would.

Shipping from the USA, The Water Caddy provides an eco-friendly solution for golfers of all skill levels. Simply fill The Water Caddy with ice cold water prior to the round, attach, and go.

Check out our video on our homepage and learn more about The Water Caddy!